Mark Pollack

Mark Pollack is a budding singer song writer from Toronto Ontario. Mark has the heart of a true artist and his music is an expression of his life and creativity. I got a phone call from him asking if he could come in and record vocals over the tracks he programmed in Reason.

He started by bringing in wave files of his tracks and I would drop it into Nuendo and start recording. We ran several takes and I offered to edit the “best of” into a final take. After a few tracking dates Mark saw the guitars hanging on the wall in the studio and with a little grin on his face he sat down and added some nice acoustic overdubs. He was loving the addition of live tracks to his music.

During the sessions that followed our musical relationship developed and soon we were both jamming ideas instrumentally and vocally. I introduced Mark to some guitar and vocal harmony ideas for his tracks that I could hear and he would quickly adapt them into his own style. Several sessions followed. Mark would often come with new songs that he just came up with.

Fourteen songs later the project was finished and mixed. Both Mark and I felt really happy with where the songs had gone and how they sound. The mastering is being done as I write this article and I’m looking forward to hearing the final results!!

Thanks Mark for a rich musical experience. Looking forward to you sharing your music with the world!

Bora Ju.

Bora Ju is a young and very talented artist from Korea. Our recording experience started after a mutual acquaintance recommended the studio to her. She was nearing the end of her project and had been recording with with her producer in Korea. She was visiting Canada but still needed to do vocals on two songs.  I had the files drop boxed to me at the studio and imported them into Nuendo.

When she came over she was on a tight schedule so we got right to work. Most of the project was recorded on a  Neumann U87  back in Korea. I pulled one out of my my vintage collection but also wondered what she would sound like on my Peluso U 47 replica.

When you start with an amazing voice like Bora’s you can’t go wrong but after A/B ing the mice she loved the Peluso. I recorded all takes simultaneously on two different tracks with both microphones. The Millennia Media mic preamps did a great job. I just added a little touch of eq through the Rupert Neve portico.Bora’s tone and pitch were impeccable and she got in and out in exactly the time she wanted to.

I drop boxed the files to her producer in Korea and was pleased to find that the the Peluso recommendation made the cut in the end!

I was very pleased to get a call back for another session afterward! Thanks Bora for coming to Emmanuel.